(Almost) Spring

Yesterday’s weather was beautifully warm and spring-like. A welcome change to the week we’ve had of constant rain. Normally, I’d be out hiking somewhere, but under Level 3 lockdown, I have to keep my daily exercise within the local area.

So after dropping the key back to my old apartment landlord, I headed to Mount Hobson, which is one the many (now extinct) volcanic cones in Auckland.

There are a number of paths to the summit, climbing 143m. I took the northern path through beautiful old oak trees and patches of daffodils.

Passing a lone dandelion flower floating in an old bird bath. Magical.

And after a short and easy stroll, I make it to the summit with stunning views over our beautiful city. From this vantage point, you can see Rangitoto (another volcano) and further out to the Coromandel Ranges.

Clocked up another 10km of walking today and a nice addition to my Walk1000Miles challenge.

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