Eating on the cheap (and healthy!)

It’s been raining all day, but manage to sneak out this afternoon for a quick 30 min power walk without getting too wet.

I must admit, I’m not the best cook. I really don’t enjoy cooking so usually keep it super simple. What I do enjoy is eating healthy food.

But how is is possible to eat cheaply in one of the most expensive places to live in the world? Well, it is possible and here’s how:

Firstly, ditch recipes and shopping lists. I don’t have a single recipe book in my house. Why? Because having to buy prescribed ingredients means you’ll need to pay the going price at the time. When I go shopping, I have no list, rather I buy what is cheap at the time. My cooking style usually involves improvising with what I have, or just throwing everything in a pot and making a stew or similar.

Secondly, shop around, especially for fruit and vege. Here in NZ, the supermarkets usually run with two or three good specials that I’ll buy, but in most instances, you’ll pay a huge premium for the convenience of having everything under the same roof. I have a fruit & vege shop just down the road that regularly has prices less than a third of what my local supermarket charges.

Here’s what went into my vege stew tonight:

Silverbeat (Chard) – got this for $0.50 – Supermarket cost $3-4
Courgettes 2x large – $0.50 – Supermarket cost $1
Sweet Potatoes – $0.30 – Supermarket cost $1
Red Onion (half) – $0.30 – Supermarket cost $1
Coriander – $0.75 – Supermarket cost $3.50

Total $2.35 (£1.20)

I sometimes add in a bit of chicken, mince or couscous so it does push the cost up, but I can easily get three meals out of one pot.

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