Landscaping the backyard

At the beginning of this year, I lived in an inner city apartment. It was convenient, then the lockdown struck and I found myself constricted to a tiny, one bedroom space with no ability to “go outside”.

The thing I missed the most was a garden. Just a space to sit outside and enjoy the greenery. So when looking to buy a house, it needed to have some outside space. Nothing huge mind, as I don’t have the time, nor patience to be cutting lawns, trimming hedges and more.

My new house has both front and back “yards”. Yerp, they’re small, but suit me just fine. I also have a small forest right next door with a walking track, so can always spend time there.

The “backyard” doesn’t get a huge amount of sun and the lawn just wasn’t establishing much. You couldn’t even walk on it without getting your feet muddy.

Some of the neighbours have installed artificial turf. For $3000, I’ll skip that thanks – PLUS it looks a bit naff if you ask me.

So I decided to remove the grass and a couple of inches of soil and replace it with pebbles.

I installed a weed mat first, then a stone stabilisation system paver. This makes for a nice solid surface and requires far fewer pebbles. It wasn’t quite big enough, but oh well…I shall sit on this side mostly. I did think about keeping some grass, but it looked a bit silly.

Once everything was secured, the pebbles were spread over the surface. I asked the landscaping shop how many bags would be required I would need. “3 bags will do it”. 3 bags was hardly enough to cover a third of the space…so back down to get another 7 bags.

Once the space was covered, I ordered some outdoor furniture.

And here is the finished result. Whaada y’think? I’m pretty chuffed.

Total cost:

Weed Mat: $20
Weed Mat Pins: $7
SmartPave Stone Stabilisation System Paver: $62
Pebbles: $123
Furniture: $150
TOTAL: $362