My Challenges for 2020

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?! They’re a great way to build success and prove myself worthy. Challenges should be ambitious, but achievable.

This year (2020), I have four challenges:

  • Walk1000Miles Challenge – This challenge involves walking or running 1000 miles (1609.34 km) in a year. That’s 2.74 miles (or 4.4km) a day.
  • Little Vices Savings Challenge – This challenge is about eliminating those small, unpurposed purchases by going an entire week (every month!) without a single “little vice” spend.
  • Pantry Cleanout Challenge – This challenge is about emptying the pantry before going to the supermarket to spend more.
  • Future Me – This challenge is made up of both short and longer-term character change goals.
  • Free Electricity – Using my lines dividend, can I get my bill so low that I’m getting free electricity?

So, come join me, follow my progress and here’s to plenty of success!